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Didjbox History


Marko has been an artist/inventor his entire professional life. He first made and sold leather barrettes in a shop he managed, Kamaran Clothing, in Salt Lake City, UT. Marko and his friends opened The General Store, a hip shop where he expanded his understanding and love of tooling leather, including drums, wall art, even swimsuits! Later, his main sources of income were contracts to sell his handmade purses to Nordstrom and other retailers.

In 1993, a friend introduced Marko to the didgeridoo and his life changed. One drone and a yelp, and he never looked back. He began crafting leather didges and teaching himself how to circular breathe.

Marko soon considered the problem of portability, and the Didjbox was born. Rough sketches yielded the first box and tweak after tweak after tweak, the rich sound quality he obtained matched that of the traditional didgeridoo. The first patent came five years after the original Original Didjbox.

Marko’s current fascination is SMALL.
Just how small can a didjbox go when a didjbox still sounds good?

I’m Christie. Marko and I were neighbors at Burning Man in 2007, delighted to learn we’re neighbors in “the default world,” too. Five years later, I joined one of Marko’s classes here in Salt Lake City. After the third lesson, I finally got circular breathing! … and promptly lost it. But now I know it’s possible, even for me. I’ll be writing about my progress, my friend, and the didgeridoo.
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Element Eleven 2011

Element Eleven 2011


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