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Ondřej Smeykal & Friends

Ondřej Smeykal & Friends return to Salt Lake City!

On their way to Indidjinus in Oregon, Ondřej Smeykal and Stephen Kent will stop through our fair metropolis and engage us in another transcendent evening of performance and communion. Last year, they told Marko it had been one of the more successful and pleasurable stops for them, and it certainly was for us! Wow! I’m looking forward to another magic night and will improve this post when I know more about it. No doubt, Leraine Horstmanhoff and Didgeridan Flynn will open the evening. Can’t wait!

Plan for sometime in the last week of July 2014, I believe, to sit in with good people, good energy, and good vibes as Ondřej Smeykal & Friends transport us to a place we can only find live, together. See you soon!

Oh! Well, there it is. I guess I ought to pay better attention to the Facebook Page I’m an administrator of. Oops! https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Micro-Didjbox/236514249771679 JULY 31st! Don’t miss it!didjeridu summer tour


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