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Crystal Tones

All things vibrate, from the smallest molecule to the universe itself.” http://www.crystalsingingbowls.com/

Today, I jumped in on a class Marko taught for the boys at Crystal Tones. The company manufactures crystal bowls coated in various precious metals and gemstones that stimulate different areas of the body for healing, meditation, and music. Recently, Crystal Tones added to its catalog the Crystal Didgeridoo and hired Marko to teach the crew how to play it, so that they can demonstrate at trade shows. Today, I was the recipient of a sound bath from the didgeridoo and the Citrine Practitioner Bowl. It was made my whole body tingle!

Marko and Skylar play The Micro

Marko and Skylar
play The Micro

sound bath

Dan and John on the Crystal Didge.      Crystal Tones is close to applying the metal-coating process to the Crystal Didgeridoo.

Dan and John on the Crystal Didge. It looks like they’re smoking giant bongs.




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